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In 2009 / 2010 I will be working on a collaborative enterprise about how we are trashing our ocean.
For information see ”Eastern Garbage Patch“ on Google.
The approach originates with my fascination with Ray Johnson’s * “Mail Art”.

*"In the late 1950s, Johnson began exploring the possibilities of Mail Art. He developed a network of friends, acquaintances and strangers to whom he sent highly conceptual images and texts. Like Marcel Duchamp, Johnson was one of the first artists to incorporate instructions for active participation in his artwork, as he encouraged the recipients to “add to” his work or to “please send to…” or to “return to Ray Johnson.” In 1962, Johnson founded the "New York Correspondence (sic) School," which is the name he invented for an international network of Mail Art which included participants he spawned by mailing an enormous amount of material, including fragments of cut-up collages, drawings with instructions, found objects, snake skins, and annotated newspaper clippings."





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